An healthy breakfast

Hello girls, for this first article, I decided to talk about breakfast, the first meal of the day, it gives us the energy to start well in the morning after a long night. In our country, We tend to eat too much sweet (croissant, jam, cereal, sweet coffee …), the problem is with this breakfast you will inevitably be feel tired at 10 or 11 am.


To avoid that, take an healthy and balanced breakfast. Our body needs 4 sources of food.


  • Whole-grain cereals  : their slow sugar provides enough energy during the morning, and the carbohydrate allows the proper functioning of the brain. For exemple, we can find this products in whole grain bread, cereal bread or rye bread, oat flake, corn flakes …


  • Proteins : its role is the satiety and to gain weight. You can eat cottage cheese, milk, cheese, eggs, ham if you prefer salty foods.


  • A fruit : it gives essential vitamins and fibers to favor the transit, banana, orange, kiwi, apple. we often hear that we can substitute the fruit with a fruit juice but it’s wrong because in the juice there is just sugar with a few vitamins. Most vitamins and fibers are found in the fruit pulp.


  • A drink : the first thing to do when you wake up is to drink a glass of water to hydrate your body after a long night, and if you want a hot drink tea or coffee without sugar of course.




Now you have all the keys for mornings with lot of energy, kisses girls.

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