How to start sports when you are beginners

Hello girls, today I am going to give you some tips to started or going back to sports. Sport brings lot of benefits on both the health and the moral.

To know these benefits can be a good source of motivation. When we do sport, we release a hormone called endorphin, at this moment, we feel immediately very weel, we can simply say, it is a molecule of happiness.

Sports prevents many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, some cancers, including breast cancer in women, prostate cancer in men or colon cancer. Sport can also reduces the risk of diabetes because it control blood sugar levels.

We can be also able to fight against stress, depression or anxiety, it can improve the quality of sleep.

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I’m going to give you 7 tips to get a good motivation and maybe you will love it who know???


Choose your sport :  there are a lot of sport individual or collective, of these alternative you find a sport for you, tennis, handball, zumba, fitness, running …., you  can often make tests and see what you really like.

A sport partner : To find a sports partner who will boost you, motivate you, a person who will not give up.

Objective : Set goals, you stay realistic of course, for example in 2 months I would like to run 8 km or to drop a dress size.

The schedule : make a schedule, ideally to do sport 3 times a week 45 min but 2 times it’s already good, you have a little free time for you. For exemple Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 18:30 to 19:30, I book this time just for me.

The workout program : change your sports routine every 6 weeks to stay motivated, if you run change your race course, if you do fitness change the movements …

Sportswear : Buy a nice sportswear, you’ll want to wear and of course to enjoy sports.

Before / after photo : last tip, take before/after picture to see the transformation. The first photos are not very easy to take, but after a few months, you will see your progress and it’s a motivation to continue.


Take your sneakers and find the right sport for you, you have to FUN and ENJOY, it is the key to success.

Kisses girls

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