Western Australia

Today, I write you a post on Australia, it is a huge country, so I decided to write you 2 posts. In the first part, I am starting by the Western Australia and the Northem Territory. I lived 2 years there, 2 wonderful years to see fantastic views, I had good memories and I met so many  great people.

SAM_4361 (2).JPG

I start this trip by the south of WA


Located in the south of Australia, a dreamy name, it’s a French name that mean « hope ». It is a popular place for tourists because these beaches are among the most beautiful beaches of Australia, transparent water like Crystal. I recommend you to visit the National Park Cape le Grand and go to lucky bay, it’s the only place in Australia where you can see kangaroos jumping on the beach, magical moment.



Go up north, I will show you the largest city in Western Australia


It is the largest city in Western Australia, There is a Mediterranean climate with more than 300 days of sunshine a year. . Perth was built around the swan river, with 2 beautiful and large beaches on each side,  watch out, sometime there are some sharks. In the city center we find the CBD (Central Buisiness District) the buses are free (we call them the CAT) and it is really great. There are gorgeous green spaces including king park with a wonderful view  over the city.


plage perth

We continue our way in the north at 500 km

Kalbarri national park

Canyons and cliffs, the Kalbarri National Park is a really beautiful spot, It is big about one hundred kilometers long. We can make trail hiking and see outstanding views.

kalbarri 1


600 km north, we discover exmouth and the ningaloo reef


A small tourist town in the middle of the WA, it is part of the Ningaloo reef, it is a coral reef, the 2nd largest coral reef of this country after the great barrier reef. There is a breathtaking underwater life including whales, manta rays, dolphins and the biggest fish, the whale shark the most majestic creatures. A little paradis.


exmouth 1

Go up north, it becomes the desert

Karajini National Park

It is a small oasis in a desert, there are beautiful gorges, waterfalls and natural pools. For me, it is the most beautiful national park I had visited. We can stay 2 or 3 days to enjoy a maximum of breathtaking and unforgettable landscapes.

karijini 2

karijini 1

In North of Australia, we arrive in Northerm Territorry

The kimberley region

A very different kind of landscape, the australian Far West, to cross the Kimberley by the gibbs river road, it is necessary to have a 4WD to allow us to cross the rivers, some river can be deep, the first time it is so scary. Gibb River Road is less than 700km in length, we can stay there 6 or 7 days. We discover the magical wilderness of the Kimberley with its gorges, waterfalls and deserts plateau. Be careful, , there are some crocodiles.


kimberley 1

In north, the capital of  Northem Territory


It is a small city with a tropical climate, in the north of Australia, it is prohibited to swim in the ocean because there are jellyfish, sharks and seawater crocodiles, it is real monster, we can not survive in these waters. the popular attraction is the crocodile jumping on the Adelaide River Queen. It is so amazing to see that, crocodiles are about 4 to 6 meters long. We can too visit Kakadu national park, it is so stunning place.


darwin 1

kimberley 2

The first part is finih, the WA is wilder and sparsely populated than the east coast, the second part will come soon, I hope your enjoy to discover a part of Australia.






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